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Christian Country – yes or no? Ten seconds to make up your mind

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      A lot of air, and sometimes a bit of light, have been shone on the issue that David Cameron triggered two weeks’ ago. Demands for definitive statements on whether UK (or a part of it, usually England) is a “Christian country” have been rather insistent from media callers. Statistics are being bandied… Continue reading

Gay marriage can divide humanists

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Gay marriage is generally supported by the worldwide movement of humanists, and generally also groups of atheists, secularists and freethinkers. But there are some who oppose it. Since 2009, I have interviewed over 70 atheists, humanists and secularists, and a small proportion of these opposed extending gay rights. As part of my oral history of humanism, I… Continue reading

Inaugural Lecture

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 INAUGURAL LECTURE CALLUM BROWN PROFESSOR OF LATE MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY University of Glasgow  “Secularisation and civilisation: can history show if society is good without god?” LT255 MAIN BUILDING – HUMANITIES LECTURE THEATRE THURSDAY 13 MARCH 2014  AT 5.30PM followed by a drinks reception  FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC To register for this event please… Continue reading